Shared Web Hosting in India with Dedicated IP for SSL Certificate

By | July 13, 2012

In order to get your website online where it can be accessed by anyone with an internet connection, you will need an India web hosting plan from a professional web hosting company such as that can offer you the disk space to host your website and the domain registration services necessary to create a permanent web address at which your website can be accessed. For beginners, offers a range of shared web hosting services that offer new users the resources necessary for the hosting of a small website; full support is available from’s 24×7 support team so that they can assist you with the setup and configuration processes if you are unsure of how to proceed.

A shared web hosting plan from can offer you the following features to enable you to get your website online:

  • Email hosting is a standard feature of all of our web hosting services and means that you can use your domain name for email services, so for example you can setup email addresses ending in “” as this will offer you an opportunity to convey a professional image to your visitors online
  • Support is offered for a wide variety of scripting languages on both our Windows and Linux platforms; scripting languages lie at the core of all dynamic web applications and are seen as the key to tapping into a server’s full potential and allow you to develop highly functional web applications
  • Generous bandwidth assignments are offered so that you can receive thousands of visitors to your website on a shared web hosting plan before there is a need for you to upgrade to the next web hosting service.

Uploading you website to your web hosting account is a fairly simple procedure as it can be done via FTP, which basically entails copying the files from your local computer and pasting them into your web space. FTP accounts are available with any web hosting service and there are a number of FTP applications available for Linux, Windows and Mac OSX operating systems. Furthermore, both the cPanel control panel (for Linux hosting) and Plesk control panel (for Windows hosting) feature web-based file managers that will allow you to manage the contents of your web hosting account on the fly.

With any cPanel Shared Hosting plan from there is the option to purchase a dedicated IP address for use with your website. A dedicated IP address can provide benefits including portraying a more professional image through the use of reverse DNS and a reduction in the chances of the IP address that your website is hosted on becoming blacklisted; however, the main use of dedicated IP addresses with shared web hosting is for SSL certificates so that you can provide a secure connection between your website and your visitors’ computers. also offer SSL certificates that you can choose from to match the level of security that you are looking to achieve for your website.

Web Hosting Security

Developing a secure web hosting environment for our customers is one of the core policies that we take into consideration when configuring new servers for our shared web hosting plans.’s support staff are fully certified and use the latest methods to ensure that our Linux servers and Windows servers are secured to the highest standards possible; however, at the same time we believe that it is important for customers to realize the important part that they play with regards to the integrity of server security by ensuring that they use the latest coding techniques when developing dynamic web applications to ensure that hackers aren’t able to compromise holes in their web applications.

A dedicated SSL certificate is another way in which webmasters are able to create an extra layer of security around their website. An SSL certificate is responsible for encrypting the information that is exchanged between a visitors’ computer and your website; if you are going to be handling the personal information of your customers or other sensitive information is going to be entered into your website, it is vital for you to be encrypting data transmissions. As a further measure many websites are now choosing to implement SSL certificates as standard regardless of whether confidential information is being entered and processed.