Shared hosting v/s VPS Hosting

By | September 30, 2008

Shared hosting :– Shared hosting is a economical and  popular solution for many clients.  In the shared hosting Customer is sharing hosting his account with another different  account on one single powerful server. Shared web hosting is a First step to Enter in the Web hosting world. In the shared hosting, customer gets a limited services such as limited disc space , limited bandwidth , no root access . shared hosting is the very economical Hosting package. In shared hosting client can control his server with the help of web hosting control panel exp… Plesk , WHM , Cpanel. In the shared hosting customer can managed his Database with the help of database controller exp… PHPadmin(Used for Linux shared hosting) ,  My Little Admin (used for windows hosting). in shared hosting client can’t create his Reseller Hosting accounts because he has no enough privileges. Shared hosting is always best for small website (Limited clicks per day). Shared hosting is available in two different platform. 1st Windows operating.  2nd Linux operating.

VPS hosting :– VPS stands for Virtual privates server.VPS is a First step to living a shared hosting. VPS is also sharing hosting his account with another accounts on a single Powerful server called node.But VPS is running with the different operating system  for different accounts that is the main difference between Web hosting and VPS server. Customer can get remote access on his VPS  server as well as he will get admin account of control panel. Client can use his VPS like a Dedicated server. Customer can Create his reseller accounts on vps server. VPS hosting is also  is Available in two different platform. 1st is Windows Operating, 2nd Linux operating.