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6 Fundamental SEO Tools

To rank a website or a blog, some defined activities are to be carried out to pop up your website or blog in organic searches on Google or other search engines. The defined activities if carried out easily can help you to achieve your goals. While optimizing the website, keep in mind to have high-quality… Read More »

Domain Extensions – A factor towards Search Engine Optimization

  Choosing the right domain extension is a factor you should take into consideration from the point of view of Search Engine Optimization. If your website is primarily targeted at the India market or primarily traffic from India, it is important you ensure that you take into account the importance of having good rankings on… Read More »

Run and own a blog? Improve your Search Engine Optimisation when you publish content!

There are many simple and powerful ways you can improve the optimisation of the content on your blog to achieve better search engine rankings. In this post, we’ll detail some of the most important aspects that can help you achieve better search engine rankings. Use proper article titles. Do not use short article titles. Make… Read More »

Is integration of Apache with Tomcat really worth?

As Apache and Tomcat have high importance in web server hosting industry. There are both good and bad side this integration of Apache with Tomcat and there are different opinion about the same. Following are some points I would like to attach the discussion. Clustering – When Apache is used as front-end it works as… Read More »

Overview of RSS

You might have come across the word RSS many times or RSS Feeds, RSS is the new innovation in the internet technologies, which has made the people to download the Feeds anytime when the feeds are updated. RSS refers to Real Simple Syndication, which is a format of the files which allows the publisher to… Read More »

Geo Targeting SEO is need for Future SEO.

There have been some recent changes made to the algorithm of Google.One of the changes is Geo Targeting. Google has started supporting Geo targeting,in this it targets users in a particular geo graphical location.To help users with that,Google has provided Geographic Target tools that helps in determining the way a website would appear in search… Read More »

Keyword Strategy for an Effective SEO Plan.

The ultimate goal of the Search Engine Optimization is Getting a good Page Rank(PR) and driving a large amount of traffic to the site. The key to drive the traffic is Keywords. You should be able to track the proper keywords that the user might use to reach your site. This is a great skill… Read More »

Some Tips to increase Traffic.

When it comes to increasing the traffic to the sites and converting them to the Clients, people have multiple views. You may have the best product around, or the best features to your site, what costs is how do you make people aware about this. Although you have all this(good product) but you don’t go… Read More »