SEO in Future, Will Be Dead?

By | July 14, 2009

Its a common concern seen in people involved in SEO business. This is SEO because of the changes in the algorithms seen so far. But, most of the SEO experts have a strong opinion that, SEO would be required in future as well. Search Engine Optimization would only end when people stop searching the web and search engines stop ranking the websites. Yes, there might be a possibility that the technique of optimization changes with time.

Search Engines for Optimization But, looking at the way Google is making changes in the algorithm, one can get a thought that SEO would be indeed dead. Plus now there is an addition of Microsoft’s search engine as well.Google has been seen to make some major changes in the ranking of the websites. It has been refining the search results in a way that visitors can seek information with least efforts.

Earlier, Google used to rank websites on the basis of the keywords in the Meta tags. The latest refined algorithm considers the demographic and search logo geographical location of the user, plus the domain age, and lot more. Now, in future we can expect Google to display results as per the individuals idea of search, some of the part can already be seen in the search tabs where related keywords are popped up. Therefore, here we cannot see SEO. Plus it also has the ability to check the web hosting type on which a website is hosted(though its an assumption made by experts.Most of the things about Google algorithm are assumptions as they[Google] do not diclose it).

On the other hand if we keep the SEO part aside, if we reach the target audience instead of optimizing the website from search engines perspective and getting the website on top of the search results, we would be in a position to work out ways to deal with this even. This would also improve the content quality of the website, which would then be focused more on providing information to the live audience. There would be more focus on Bran Building and reaching the potential audience.

With the changes happening, we need to find ways to find a loop hole to trick the machines and find some innovative ways of connecting to humans over the Internet.