Secret Ways To Outgrow Traffic by Search Engine Optimization.

By | August 25, 2009

Anybody who is starting to build their own websites or already have one can use the following ways to outgrow the traffic to the website/s. Here I mainly concentrated my focus on the users using WordPress for their blogs.These are ways that would surely help you to improve traffic by optimizing the WordPress to achieve the greatest visibility for search engines.

Wordpress Hosting A) Structured Permalinks: As most of you might be aware, Permalinks can be a useful way to increase visibility for search engines. To have a URL such as “ Ways To Outgrow Traffic by Search Engine Optimization/” is much better than having a URL “”. You get an option in WordPress to change the structure of permalink.You can login to the Worpress Admin Panel,then choose Settings and Permalinks.Here you can find various options to choose the structure of Permalinks.

B) Content: The use of appropriate keywords in the content is of utmost importance.The title too must contain keywords that are also present in the content of the post.Your prime focus must be on the first paragraph and the closure part as search engine crawlers index this at first.

C)Header Tags: The header tags are basically used when assigning a title to the post.They have a numerical value associated with it.Later,these are of varying importance such as <h1>, <h2> etc. The H1 tag is basically used for your most important header, whereas H2 tag is used for sub titles and so on. To gain the best results, you may try variations in keywords in the H2 and H3 tags.

D) UTW and Meta Tag Descriptions: In WordPress you have various options to install different plugins.Amongst them UTW ie Ultimate Tag Warrior and Meta Tag description (MTD) plugins can be useful from a search engines point of view. The UTW simplifies the task of tag search. The MTD helps in optimizing the meta description for search engines inorder to index the website more efficiently.

E) Time On Site: According to the recent updates in search engines algorithm, it is important that the visitor stays at your website/s for longer time, therefore its a wise move to display links of different posts in the vicinity of the current post and keep them engaged on your site by offering them different links to other posts of the same niche.For this purpose, WordPress offers a plugin called “Related Posts”. You need to upload it using the FTP client into the wp-content > plugins folder, then you need to login to the admin area and via the WordPress admin panel, activate the plugin from Plugins page.

F) Sitemap: Adding a Sitemap to the website is important from Googles point of view.This helps the bots to crawl your website more efficiently,hence resulting into an improved rankings in the search engine result pages.Wordpress has eased your pain for hunting for one, you have range of different Sitemaps, but among them you must install a Google XML Sitemap.Not to mention that Google bots prefer an XML Sitemap.

G) Use Of Appropriate HTML Tags: Title tags and Alt tags assigned to the images, can actually help in improving the search engine rankings.The only caution that one must take is not to stuff the keywords in the alt tags nor in the title tags.

Word Of Mouth F) Backlinking: Building backlinks is the most important aspects of SEO.Its the volume and quality of backlinks from external websites that decides the rankings in the search engine result pages.This inturn results in an increase in volume of traffic.There are various ways to build backlinks, some of them are forum postings, blog commenting,submitting the site to social bookmarking sites etc.

G) Word Of Mouth marketing: As we all are aware that word of mouth is the most effective way of getting organic traffic to your website/s.People would usually prefer the products and services about whom they are aware of.It is more likely that people sign up for the services about whome they have heard of from someone else who have used the services or products previously.It is a common gesture of people who know you are more likely comment about you. Therefore it is advised to work on increasing a positive Word Of Mouth in addition to your efforts on the other above mentioned ways.

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