Runtime Errors & its prevention?

There are various types of errors which can occur but Runtime errors are those which occurs during the process of running an application is going on a computer. Basic thing to keep away runtime errors from your computer is running regular maintenance intervals. Following are some major processes comes under regular maintenance.

Using and Updating Antivirus regularly – One of the most frequent reason for errors is a virus. So in today’s computer world an Antivirus can not be treated a exception. One need to select and install a reputed Antivirus software and also make sure to update it regularly so that it can prevent your computer from newly raised viruses and other malicious programs. Selection of poor Antivirus software may cause for more errors. Antivirus are very important specially for those computers which are connected to Internet.

Using Antispyware Software – Adwares and Malwares are another causes for the occurrence of runtime errors on a computer system. Its hard for an antivirus software to trace Adwares and Malwares and that s why Antispyware softwares are as much important as a antivirus software is.

Using Registry Cleaner – Though registry cleaner software are not capable of restricting any viruses or spywares but they are capable of cleaning one of the most important part known are registry, which is important for each function carried out on a computer. Removing unwanted items can help to prevent and fix runtime errors.

As web hosting servers are more important than the normal computers they need to take the above mentioned precautions more strictly.

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