Role of a Web hosting provider in the Website’s Performance

By | December 14, 2016

Role of a Web hosting provider in the Website’s Performance

Web hosting provider plays an important role in the performance of your website. It is said that the user closes the windows if the website fails to load within 6 seconds. So make sure that your website should load in 6 seconds or earlier than that. For that, you will have to optimize properly like image compression and content of the page properly. So that you can have a good user experience.

Depending on your website traffic and the content on your website you will have to search for a web server like if you are a newbie then traffic on your website will be lesser, however, it will increase as you start your digital marketing activity to increase your website traffic. Initially for a newbie Linux Shared Hosting is always recommended as it will suffice one’s requirement.

But as the traffic of your website increases then it is your responsibility to upgrade your web server and get the one which will suit your requirements, otherwise, you may face the issue of downtime or your website will load slowly that will result in a bad user experience. We all know that once the user has the bad experience of any website the chances of getting that user back again on your website is very difficult. So make sure that your user experience should be good so that it should come again and again.

A web server plays an important role in loading your website quickly. Therefore it is very important to choose a reliable which should provide quality hardware with 24/7 premium tech support and proactive monitoring with optimal uptime guaranty.

Don’t forget to ask for certification and customer’s testimonial. If possible ask for case studies and white papers which will help you to understand their service in a better way. Once you have done with the web server then make your move to build a digital marketing strategy to get traffic to your website.