Reasons why domains cannot be transfered.

What is Domain Transfer?

A domain Transfer is the process of moving of domain from one domain registrar to another domain registrar. Generally when the domain owner are not happy with the existing registrar they choose to transfer the domain, the main reasons may be price, Quality of customer service and ease of use.

Reasons why Domains cannot be transferred.

There are several reasons why the owner may not be able to transfer the domain are:

1.       The domain is in ‘REGISTRAR-LOCK‘ status.
The owner should unlock the domain before continuing the domain transfer.

2.       The domain is newly registered, such newly registered domains cannot be transferred to another domain registrar till 60 days of completion wit the existing domain registrar.

3.       The email id present in the whois directory is not valid. The owner should update the email address in the whois directory by contacting with the existing domain registrar.

4.       The Authorization code for the domain is not been provided yet. The owner should ask for the Auth-code from the current domain registrar.

5.       The domain is expired; still the owner is trying to transfer the domain. If the domain expires before the domain transfer has been initiated, a possibility exist that the domain transfer can be denied even though the owner has submitted an order to transfer the domain before the expiration date of the domain.

6.       The transfer has not been authorized yet. Please check your email for the authorization email.

What is Authorization code?

An Authorization code is the alphanumeric code which adds extra level of security to the domain name registration. This code is unique for each domain name registered and is assigned by the registrar at the time of the domain registration. This ensures that the owner only can transfer the domain

This Code is very important while domain transfer process. This code must be requested from the current domain registrar in order to transfer the domain.

The Authorization code is also referred as Authcode or EPP code. This code is 6 – 16 characters.

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