PuTTY : A Great Utility To Establish A SSH Connection

By | January 18, 2011

One can describe PuTTy as a client program for the network protocols which are mostly used for running a remote sessions on a computer system which is connected to a network. Such programs include SSH, Rlogin network protocols and Telnet. This PuTTY obligates towards client side of a particular session and not on the server side where does it actually runs.

In other words one can say that PuTTY makes it possible to analize a operation on the computer system which can be different that the computer system where actually it is running. For example you can operate a computer system having any operating system, software etc from other computer which has different parameters.

PuTTY supports both xterm terminal as well as DECterm but PuTTY's default terminal type to any server is as xterm if any problem persists with it then it can be reconfigured as vt220.

If anybody has a question that 'Which commands can be executed in a PuTTY terminal window?' then it is basically wrong question because no process occurs inside PuTTY but it only a tool of communication which forwards the commands typed by you to the another computer and responses from that computer back to you. PuTTY has nothing to do with running applications on any of the both computer systems ans so that command execution depends on the system's execution compatibility to those commands.

By using PuTTY the security level of web servers can be maintained. It is very easy to run PuTTY by downloading 'puttygen.exe' which is widely available on Internet.