Ports used in cPanel for Linux Web Server Hosting.

By | September 19, 2009

Cpanel has been one of the highly preferred control panels in the web hosting industry, hence most of the web hosts offer cPanel with their Linux web hosting packages.With Linux VPS Hosting and Linux Dedicated Server Hosting,you can avail root access to the server.Which means you are free to do installation,deletion etc of any application of your choice.

The below mentioned Port numbers are commonly used in cPanel. If you intend to login to your cPanel, you will need to use these ports in the form of http://www.yourdomainname.com:2082/

cPanel logoPort 2082 : Cpanel default port
Port 2083 : Cpanel over SSL
Port2086 : Cpanel Webhost Manager (default)
Port 2087 : Cpanel Webhost Manager (with https)
Port 2095 : Cpanel Webmail
Port 2096 : Cpanel secure webmail over SSL

One must unblock the ports in TCP if you are using a firewall. You can also add the following Ports;

Port 80 : Apache HTTP web server
Port 21 : FTP
Port 22 : SSH (You are bound to face ssh attacks if you leave this port open. Changing the port can help you avoid it)
Port 25 : SMTP (Outgoing eMail)
Port 110 : POP3 (Incoming eMail)
Port 53 : DNS server (if you run DNS server)