By | July 29, 2009

As we know that the PHP is the most common and loved web language lamp-logo world wide. PHPMyAdmin is also written in PHP as the name itself suggests. It is an open source tool which is used for administer MySQL over the web. It can perform all the tasks on the database such as creating, modifying or deleting the tables, databases, columns, rows and a single field also. It executes the SQL statements and manages the user permissions.

logo_pma_med Currently this tool is available in 57 language and is maintained by the The PHPMyAdmin. There are more similar products available which include PostgreSQL, PHPMSAdmin also. Although the variety of the tools are available PHPMyAdmin is widely used and appreciated by the people. It has won several awards. It was chosen as the best PHP application in many of the awards.

Take a look at the features:

1. spontaneous Web Interface

2. It supports almost all MySQL features.

Browse and drop the databases, fields, views, indexes.

Create the databases, copy, rename.

Alter the databases, fields, views, tables, indexes

Maintain the server databases and tables

Executing the SQL statements and bookmark it, edit and even batch     queries

Manage the Users and the permissions.

It also manages the stored procedures and the triggers.

It has a support to import the data from SQL and CSV.

3. Support for exporting data to various formats i.e. SQL,CSV,XML, OpenDocument Text and Spreadsheet.

4. It export the data in normal Word, Excel also.

5. Ability to Administer multiple servers.

6. The database layout can be transformed into PDF graphics.

7. Complex Queries are created by the use of Query by Example(QBE)

8. Ability to search globally or a subset of the database.

9. It can transform the stored data into any format using the predefined functions.

10. Taking back ups of the databases.

The features listed above are just the key of them, you can explore more of them by using PHPmyAdmin