Owner of the Domain name

By | September 19, 2009

Owning a Domain Name is very simple , you need to register your details and that too the genuine ones, many of the people don’t have the seriousness in owning name, they think of owning  it in just a single snap of a finger.
Any user on the internet can register the domain name , provided he should meet the conditions of an accredited registrar. The user has to disclose the personal  details in order to get registered with the registrar . Once the registrar approves the details, the one who is the registrant of the domain will be called as the owner of the domain. The owner has to maintain the proper use of the domain , till he obeys the rules he has the rights for the domain name.

The registrant also has the right to make some important decisions and responsibilities against the domain. He is allowed to sell the site, or transfer , until he owns the domain means till the domain is registered under his name, he needs to check the expiry date of the domain. If the domain is included in any legal infringes, the registrant is responsible for it.  When the registration of the Domain expires , the registrant is no more the owner of the domain, This domain is now available for others to register.

For checking the owner of the domain name WHOIS search tool is available. By doing this we can check the owner of the domain name and the information regarding the domain name and contact details and renewal information also. If you want to buy the domain and you want to check whether it is available or not you can go to any good Web Hosting Provider and check on there site with the help of the domain checker. Register the domain with a good company and enjoy the world of internet. If you register the domain name with any Web hosting company and host you web site with them, you can get a good offer on the Hosting package.