Overview of RSS

By | September 11, 2009

You might have come across the word RSS many times or RSS Feeds, RSS is the new innovation in the internet technologies, which has made the people to download the Feeds anytime when the feeds are updated.

RSS refers to Real Simple Syndication, which is a format of the files which allows the publisher to get updated content on their website with the minimum effort. Some times RSS is known as Rich site summary. Feed formats are used in many web contents such as headlines , blog posts, audio and video clips. RSS formats came into existence in 1999, but it became popular in 2005. Many of the sites offer this feeds for their content through RSS Format.

Why RSS?rss-feed-icon

I have come across many people, which keeps on searching new fresh content on the web every day. RSS has made this task convenient and easy too. RSS allows you to utilize the information and feed it directly onto your website and blogs. Generally people tend to write articles in hurry and mostly hire a writer for this task. This cost them a lot and is not that effective as well. Just search for the relevant articles from the available online directories and then RSS will allow you to Feed this content directly on to your site.

How to use RSS?

It is easy to use RSS Feeds. You will have to add some lines of code onto your web page and your webpage will be updated automatically. In general you will need a Feed reader or any news aggregator software to collect this RSS Feeds from different URLs and then display them on your website.

You will find this readers in variety of platforms, web based are the ones which are mostly used . Some of them are Bloglines, Google reader and Yahoo readers.

Once you get the Feed Reader, you will have to search the sites that syndicate the content and RSS Feed to the List of Feeds, your reader will keep track of this. You will have to subscribe for this. Subscription is easy just enter the Feeds URL into the Feed Readers. You can go for another option as well, click on the RSS Icon in the browser , it will automatically start the subscription process.

RSS Reader will monitor the users subscribed feeds for the new content. It will download this content and then provide the interface to reads this feeds. Any body in the world would greatly appreciate such kind of service, when you get a large amount of data and that too without even searching for it. It is beneficial for your site and publicity as well, your site will be always updated and more and more traffic will be attracted towards your site searching good and fresh content. Search engine spiders will index your web page and will continuously do so as your site gets updated  with fresh information.This help you a lot in the SEO process, keeping your site and blog fresh and updated is very important when you think of a good SEO Campaign.