Overview Of Nehalem Processor.

By | September 4, 2009

Nehalem Market, needs and the necessity  in the change for the technology is always been the reason for the new invention in any technology. Intel has developed the latest generation Micro architecture and it is named as Intel Nehalem processor. It was firstly called as Intel Core- I 7 processor.

When you go for hosting your site to some Web hosting company, often people care about the hardware that is used. Now a days there is requirement for such processors by the clients for a dedicated servers. Most of the good hosting providers do provide it.

This Intel Nehalem processors said to be very fast, actually the next step to faster. It works on multi core technology and it efficiently matches your workload. It is a parallel processing processor and has integrated memory controller. We can go through some of its major advantages:

Intel Nehalem Offers many features including :

Scalability: This processor allows dynamic Scalability. It manages Cores, threads, cache, interfaces. It provides power for energy efficient performances as needed.

Performance Scalability: It offers a great design and performance scalability and for the servers. Is works well for workstations, notebooks intel-nehalem and desktops as well. It adds support for 2-8 + cores and up to 16 threads with the Intel Hyper threading Technology. Scalability is the biggest asset for this processor. It can scale the cache size and also interconnects systems.

Intelligent performance : The Nehalem processor is said to be intelligent. It uses the Intel Turbo Boost technology. This technology enables it to easily deal with the overhead of  the multithread and single threaded workloads. The performance of the Processor is increased, though the workload is more.

Increased performance with Highly threaded applications: The server is usually loaded with such kind of applications. With the processor having Intel HT technology which brings high performance applications to the mainstream computing.

Shared memory: Memory controller performs this task of scheduling memory requests. It adds an advantage of scalable shared memory. The technology used for this is Intel Quick Path Technology and High speed point to point interconnect.

Multi level Shared Cache : It improves the efficiency and performance by reducing the latency.

This just a small overview of the processor. Intel has been masters in processors. As the invent in this new Processor, demand for the Nehalem hosting solutions has increased. I guess there is lot more to come from the Intel hub.