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What is BGP network?

What is BGP network ? BGP stands for Border Gateway Protocol, it is core routing protocol of the Internet which contains a colletions of multiple networks and IP tables. It maintains the network IP’s and designates network reachability among autonomous systems (AS). BGP was created to replace the EGP routing protocol system to allow removal… Read More »

TCP/IP Model.

TCP/IP Model :  This model is a description framework of internet protocols. It is also called as Internet protocol suite. This model is a later invention after the original model OSI model with 7 layers. TCP/IP contains 4 layers. It was developed by the defense ministry of United states in 1970. This model is also… Read More »

What is Firewall?

A firewall is software written for the purpose of securing your computer from the threats like hacking, Viruses and worms that try to enter your system from the network. Using firewall is the first step to make your system secured. It is the device or set of devices which is configured to either permit or… Read More »

Understanding Ping Command

Ping command: This is the most widely used tool to check the connectivity between the network devices. It uses port no 69 and is TCP based. It relies on ICMP(Internet control message Protocol) It uses two types of  ICMP messages; Type 0, Echo request  – sent by the source machine; Type 0, Echo reply –… Read More »

What is Internet Registry?

What is Internet Registry? Internet Registry is an organization overseeing the allocation and registration of Internet number resources within a particular region of the world. Resources include IP addresses (both IPv4 and IPv6) and autonomous system numbers. The Internet Registry is known as Regional Internet Registry. There are currently five RIRs ( Regional Internet Registry… Read More »

Google Chrome Operating System

After the great success of the Google chrome browser, Google is now spreading wings to the master software i.e Operating system named after the browser itself as Google chrome OS. Stats show that over 30 million people use Chrome browser every day. The concept behind developing such kind of operating system is that, OS were… Read More »

UDP – User Datagram Protocol

UDP is used by the network applications to transfer data between two computers. It is one of the core protocols in the protocol suite. UDP is sometimes called the Universal Datagram Protocol. Mostly the client Server application use UDP, for example : Video conferencing systems. Though UDP has many more challenging alternatives, it remains a… Read More »

Some Important information on IP Address.

Class A IP address is used for a network with large number of hosts. Class B IP address is used for a network with medium number of hosts. Class C IP address is used for a network with less number of hosts. IP Address Class Possible range of IP address Class A   through… Read More »