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Difference Between Video Conference And Web Conference

Meetings are one of the most important activities in Business houses, because any important decision related to business can be taken after arranging proper discussion among the important authorities of that particular organization. Now a days many organizations have placed their business houses at different geographical locations to work as branch offices and this is… Read More »

Most Frequently Used TCP Ports With Short Description – Part II

Here are the remaining list of well-known ports. Port No. Description 103 X.400 Standard 108 SNA Gateway Access Server 109 POP2 110 POP3 115 Simple File Transfer Protocol (SFTP) 118 SQL Services 119 Newsgroup (NNTP) 137 NetBIOS Name Service 139 NetBIOS Datagram Service 143 Interim Mail Access Protocol (IMAP) 150 NetBIOS Session Service 156 SQL Server 161… Read More »

Most Frequently Used TCP Ports With Short Description – Part I

A port number is communication endpoint with a computer network. TCP stands for Transmission Control Protocol is the suite of communications protocols used for connecting web hosting servers and transmitting data over networks on the Internet. IANA (Internet Assigned Numbers Authority) has assigned specific numbers to these ports, one can access these ports by entering… Read More »

Reasons why the VPS Server Hosting should be preferred?

There is always a confusion in the web site owners, Which Hosting option to choose? . Though the best Dedicated Server hosting is considered as best, VPS hosting has a number of similar advantageous and it can satisfy the clients needs. VPS: Virtual private Server, it a technique where the physical server is partitioned into… Read More »

SSL Explorer: Community Edition

SSL Explorer : SSL Explorer has two editions SSL Explorer : Community Edition SSL Explorer : Enterprise Edition. Let us see the community edition. SSL Community edition : It is an Open source SSL VPN product which is developed by 3Sp Ltd. This solution is licensed under GNU General Public License (GPL). Primarily this solution… Read More »

What is IMAP?

IMAP is a shorthand for Internet Message Access Protocol. It is a very popular method of accessing the mails(Electronic) and Bulletin Board from the mail server (may be shared). We can say that it enables the clients to access the mail from remote locations  as if they are local. Its ability to access mails from… Read More »