Network Management Through SLA For Small Businesses

By | May 30, 2011

Small businesses are not able to arrange quality server support and server management at their own as they are running with a limited budget options. Unlike large scale industries which has ability and infrastructure to set up high class support, and their web hosting accounts are not likely to small as cpanel shared hosting accounts, small scale industries are not capable of doing the same. But now a days things are changing for them also because the similar level of server support and server management can be provided which is provided to large players in the industries.

Hosting management of small businesss
Hosting management for small businesses

Network Monitoring is the first and very important aspect of IT management, there are many IT services providers offering graded network monitoring solutions for industries with the options from a small single server to a wide networks of many servers. Arrival of cloud interface has made this task very cost effective and cheap one. The charges for such services are adjusted according to the type and size of your websites and network without compromising the quality and importance, and small business owners need to pay less even they enjoy the same level of service which is provided to giant organizations.

Helpdesk is the second aspect of this management. Helpdesk is a software which can be used in customized mode as per the requirements of your businesses. Furthermore there are also options for payment based on the per user of device count. You can get 24 x 7 support by using helpdesk support services.

Finally few system integrators have the ability to provide the complete set of Managed IT services which also includes assets management, helpdesk, 24 x 7 server support.