MySQL Hosting

When considering which database system you are going to use with your website, MySQL Server is probably one of the first choice that you are going to come across because it is a popular feature with most web hosting packages. MySQL databases are most commonly used with PHP websites and scripts because the two combined provide web developers with a reliable combination that they can be sure will work together well. MySQL Server can also be used on both Windows and Linux web hosting servers, which is ideal in some situations because it allows you to port databases between web hosting platforms without having to worry about compatibility issues at either end. MySQL databases can also be incorporated into many other web scripts, although the scripting languages available will depend on the web hosting package that you have selected as well as how your web hosting server is configured; for example, a MySQL database can be integrated with an ASP website on the Windows platform but not on the Linux platform. When choosing a MySQL hosting service it is important to consider the amount of disk space available; your databases will eat into your disk space and you don’t want to end up having a database that is eating up almost all of your disk space.

Using PHP with MySQL

PHP is a popular scripting language used by web developers to create dynamic websites that can then interact with a database backend that can then act as a store for the data that the web scripts then pull from the database as and when necessary. MySQL databases are very scalable which makes them ideal for use in situations where the final product is going to receive a high level of traffic because this means that you won’t have to worry about the server or your web application crashing under high loads. As both PHP and MYSQL are open source products, you won’t have to pay a fee to use them which is ideal for small businesses and individuals looking to get started with web development; it is also beneficial for larger businesses that may wish to customize MySQL or PHP to function in the way that they want it to because the source code for both products are available from their respective websites, although in order to do this properly a business will need to have its own knowledgeable developers.

Website Management

MySQL databases will make it easier for you to manage your website because you can create a CMS system based around a MySQL database that can act as a central store for all the information that you wish to display on your website. Although you will need to develop your CMS system using a specialist scripting language, for the most part most of the work will be done by the MySQL database that you are using. A MySQL database can be used to store any array of data that you want; this means for example that you can optimize your website with the introduction of a members area or something similar as setting up a user system isn’t a hard task at all, granted you encrypt any passwords that you are storing in your MySQL database. Any good web hosting package will come with support for at least one MySQL database meaning that you don’t have any excuse as to why you shouldn’t consider a database driven website for your management needs. Of course you can consider other database systems to use as part of a database driven, but MySQL Server will be able to provide you with the most cost effective solution by far.

Using MySQL on Windows

If you wish to use MySQL Server but don’t want to be stuck with using the Linux operating system then you can always consider a Windows web hosting package for your MySQL hosting needs because MySQL Server is also available for multiple platforms other than Linux. Installing MySQL Server on a Windows server is pretty easy because it is simply a case of downloading the installer from the MySQL community website and then following the instructions as necessary. Messing with the source code for MySQL for Windows isn’t as easy as it is for the Linux version of MySQL Server and so you may be disappointed if you wish to use a modified version of MySQL Server on the Windows platform. Any Windows shared hosting package will come with support for MySQL Server, although support for it is optional if you choose to use a Windows VPS server or Windows dedicated server.

Scalability and Security

SQL database systems are generally a lot more secure and scalable than other database servers because they function as services rather than simply providing databases as simple files as is the case with other database systems such as Microsoft Access. Although Microsoft Access databases can be password protected, these passwords can be easy to crack; with a MySQL database your password will be encrypted and a username will also be required meaning that it will be harder for hackers to obtain the login details for your MySQL databases. In terms of scalability, MySQL Server also fares better because as it is a service it is able to make much better use of the system resources available allowing it to use the minimum required so that there are resources available to use if there is a load spike for example.

In conclusion, MySQL hosting is available in a variety of different forms and this will allow you to only spend on the form of web hosting that you feel most fitting for your requirements. If you are only going to be hosting a small database then a shared Linux hosting service will be most fitting for you, but if you are working for a larger organization that requires more security and scalability then a dedicated server will probably provide you with a more cost effective hosting solution. MySQL is a very adaptable open source application that is available for multiple platforms and so you shouldn’t let your choice of operating system hold you back.

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