Most Frequently Used MySQL commands – I

By | July 30, 2011

Being an open source platform, MySQL is one of the greatest utility for web hosting services providers and their clients to manage their databases, furthermore it can be used with both most widely used platforms of Windows web hosting as well as Linux Hosting. MySQL is a fast, robust, secured with encryption and also has very easy installation process. Following are few commands mostly used while operating MySQL.

ps -auxwww | grep mysql

This command is used for Checking whether MySQL Server is running or not

./bin/mysqld_safe &

For Starting mysql you should use this command

./mysqladmin -u root shutdown

After the work completed for Shutting down the MySQL you need to use this command.

cd mysql/bin
./mysqladmin -u root processlist
./mysqladmin -u root kill ProcessID
Any help required about mysql can be opened by enterting this command.

This is a useful command to check which query is running on which host, from which location query has been fired , which query has locked which table etc.

cd mysql/bin

This command is used to Kill processes

mysql> help alter;


You can Repair a table by using this command.

Note :- Few more MySQL commands will shared in upcoming posts.