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How to install Frontpage 1.1 extensions for Microsoft IIS server?

Installing FrontPage Extensions. These extensions are very important in order to directly publish site from FrontPage application. This means that the user will not have to use FTP for uploading files or any other method. How to install Frontpage 1.1 extensions for Microsoft IIS server? Steps: 1. Log onto Windows NT Server as Administrator. 2.… Read More »

Internet Explorer 8

Microsoft has brought you the new browser IE 8, it has everything that an internet savvy needs. You can customize it and make it n such a way that you never thought of. Some of the Features of Microsoft’s new browser: Site suggestion: Microsoft describes this feature as a tool. Browser sends the information to… Read More »

What is Firewall?

A firewall is software written for the purpose of securing your computer from the threats like hacking, Viruses and worms that try to enter your system from the network. Using firewall is the first step to make your system secured. It is the device or set of devices which is configured to either permit or… Read More »

Understanding Ping Command

Ping command: This is the most widely used tool to check the connectivity between the network devices. It uses port no 69 and is TCP based. It relies on ICMP(Internet control message Protocol) It uses two types of  ICMP messages; Type 0, Echo request  – sent by the source machine; Type 0, Echo reply –… Read More »

How to use .NET application’s ?

How to use .NET application’s ? Microsoft ASP.NET is a free technology that allows programmers to create dynamic web applications. ASP.NET can be used to create anything from small, personal websites through to large, enterprise-class web applications. If using Visual Studio .NET, you can publish directly to your site using your URL (i.e. http://your-webserver/yourusername) and… Read More »

Mobile operating system: Windows Mobile 6.5

Mobile operating system. Mobile OS are also reffered as Handheld Operating system. It is a operating system which controls the mobile device. Their principal is similar to the operating systems like windows and Linux etc. These operating systems are a bit simpler than desktop operating system and they deal with wireless devices, multimedia devices and… Read More »

ASP.NET Features.

This programming language has proved to be a boon for the developers. Listed below are the features of ASP.NET Easy Programming model: It makes building the real world easier.With style of HTML which enables you to create big pages with less code. What important is that ASP.NET pages works well in all browsers. Flexible Language… Read More »

Remote Access Technologies supported by Windows Server 2003.

In the Microsoft windows Server operating system remote access technologies allows the clients to perform administrative tasks as well as they can work on the system as if they are working locally. Components. Telnet Dial-up Remote access Terminal Services are included in the Windows Server 2003 as remote access tevhnologies. Telnet. Windows 2003 and XP… Read More »

Understand the Benefits of Windows Server Hosting and Linux Server Hosting.

It is important to know few basic but important things when choosing a web hosting service provider for you business. You should be aware of the requirements of your website/s such as the language used for scripting for example MySQL, PHP, Perl, ASP, ASP.Net etc., you also need to adjust things according to the budget.… Read More »