Managed Colocation and Unmanaged Colocation.

Web hosting is the field all about servers , managing them for better web sites and data all around the world, Colocation web hosting is one of the types in Web hosting. There are two types of colocation available ; Managed colocation and unmanaged colocation. In this type of web hosting, self owned server is stored in the datacenter on rent basis. Datacenter is responsible to secure it physically, provide power facility and many more.

When you talk of Managed Colocation servers, you have to rent the space in the Datacenter, provide the hardware and pay to the datacenter. The rest is taken care of by the datacenter employees. When you rent your own Server, you have to pay only for the software costs colocationand upgrades later on when necessary, problem solving is sorted out by the web hosting company.

One thing is the best in this that you rely on the best expertise people to control your hosting needs. You are free to concentrate on your business and the problem that come to your server is handled by the team of the hosting. There are some disadvantage in this Managed Colocation. Cost factor is one of it, and lack of control on your servers. It is inexpensive than its counter part that is unmanaged colocation. For managed colocation you will no doubt will have to pay for the extra cost as you almost outsource your job to the expertise people . You are not in the control of your server and the hosting, if you take this as disadvantage you can go for the unmanaged colocation.

When you go for the unmanaged colocation, you should have the complete knowledge of the Hosting as you are the only one who is in taking care of it. Your server is fully in your control. If you areĀ  novice, better not to try for the unmanaged colocation.

Colocation servers are best in the Web Hosting industry, it is upto the personal liking which you opt for. Managed colocation and unmanaged colocation options are open to you on your budget. Both have there own advantages and disadvantages.

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