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By | June 25, 2018

If you want to make money online, you can probably start a business that includes reseller hosting. These days’ reseller hosting has turned out to be one of the most successful and inexpensive way for entrepreneurs to launch a startup based on web hosting. You should take enough time to decide your plan of action before your start your hosting business.

Working on a plan of action will help you stay focused on the tasks you planned and make money easily. Resellers these days create a service plan for their customers with a pricing structure that best suits them. Resellers can also establish their own brand with proper marketing via servers and control panels. Reseller Hosting is similar to the relationship between a wholesaler and a retailer. The host (wholesaler) rents space on their servers for resellers (retailers). Resellers then charge them for the space the servers have occupied, the amount of bandwidth and the storage space utilized. If you are keenly interested in reseller hosting, you should be aware of the fact that web hosting doesn’t require a lot of technical knowledge. Usually, DC operators are totally responsible for network, hardware and infrastructure maintenance whereas the owner mainly configures, secures and updates the server. Generally, the resellers are held accountable for forming an interface with their customer base, and any problems related to the hardware, software and connectivity are fixed by the server provider from whom the reseller plan was purchased.

Here is the list of things a reseller package generally includes:

  1. Storage Space and bandwidth
  2. Unlimited domain hosting
  3. White label branding
  4. WHM or Plesk 17 control panel for Linux and Windows
  5. Website migration
  6. 24*7 technical support provided by host
  7. Pre-configured reseller domain
  8. A gateway for making payments
  9. Additional hosting features like mailing facility, cPanel and various security tools

How do you choose the best hosting provider?

Below are a few basic things that should be checked before buying reseller hosting:

  1. Providers’ reputation
  2. 24*7 customer support
  3. Linux and Windows support
  4. Private name servers
  5. Website migration and backup service
  6. One-click software installer
  7. Domain reseller account

Becoming a reseller host is absolutely an easy task with just a few things that need to be verified. There is a greater possibility of earning great profits, if you and your hosting provider exceed expectations and demands of your clients., being fast and reliable global web hosting service provider, offers you all the features mentioned above along with its reseller hosting plans named Starter, Business and Enterprise for both Linux and Windows operating system that help you earn profits with its best services as a reseller. Here’s how you can profit:

Product: To begin with, choose a hosting package that consists of a sufficient bandwidth and disk space, followed by offering your clients with the products and packages that would fit their requirements. Lastly, offer additional features and services like 24*7 support, security certificates, etc. as add-ons.

Pricing: When you decide on what price you should set, make sure the price is cost-effective for both you as well as for your customers. It would be a wrong move if the price is too high in the beginning and it may let your clients to go to your competitors. It would be a good practice if you make the pricing structure clear, with no hidden charges. Also, pick a reseller hosting package , to make sure you get a decent profit margin.

Marketing and promotions: A great way to attract customers is by providing offers and discounts, in fact it may even boost your sales. Providing services and products at a lower price would encourage clients to buy more products. They may also recommend you to others looking for similar deals and facilities. Also, in addition to all the promotions, make sure that you market the brand well through both online and offline media, which may include a newspaper advertisement, newsletter, a campaign on social media, blogs, etc.

Network: Networking is a total necessity; it might cost nothing. Talking about offline networking make sure you attend events organized by IT enterprises and registrars as it is an opportunity to meet clients. Online networking includes forums, you must search for not so populated forums and a good idea is to search websites similar to your own. All this will ultimately help you find potential clients that need exactly what you have to serve.

So why choose

  1. You can host multiple websites with Host’s plans.
  2. Host’s reseller hosting is unbranded, enabling you to create a unique identity for your brand.
  3. Services by Host let you install your applications with just one click.
  4. Lastly, in case you face any technical issues, representatives from Host are available 24*7 for your service.

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