Lite Speed Web Servers the Best Hosting Choice

By | October 10, 2009

Lite speed servers is one of the leading high performance , and high scalability web servers.  So far many people are aware of the Apache web server, Lite Speed web servers can be thought of the next step of the Apache web server. This Lite server is fully compatible for Linux platforms. These servers has an advantage that if you are using the Apache servers at present, you can quickly move to this lite speed servers with ease.
Lite speed servers are very good at removing the bottleneck in the existing web delivery platform, it has a great range of features which make it best in class and helps it to deploy an effective web serving architecture.

If you grade the performance on the scalability and speed , you will surely be satisfied with the results, comparing to apache web server it is 9 times faster.

Web hosting Solutions is where you will greatly enjoy the full features, Lite speed web servers works flawlessly alongside web hosting control panels which includes Cpanel, Direct Admin etc. It provides the best possible security with the increasing the server capacity.  It is highly recommended for the Shared hosting solutions

Web hosting solutions are using Apache web servers , Lite speed servers are only and the best replacement for it, as it is fully compatible with the Hosting control panels. Let us see what are the distinguished features that makes it best.

The features listed below are supported Only by Lite Speed Web Server:

Support .htaccess with apache compatibility : .htaccess is the mandatory feature in the hosting industry.

Rewrite engine compatible with Apache Mod_rewrite: This feature is also widely used in the web applications.

Request filtering compatible with Apache mod_security :

Works with all the control panels written for Apache

Lite speed web server can improve the performance, reliability , security with the double effect than the Apache server

Faster : Upto 9 times than Pache, PHP performance increase upto 50 %, 3 times faster than Ruby on rails, etc
User Friendly: Easy installation, automatix php setup , real time service monitoring etc.
Secure : Best HTTP request validation, denu buffer overrun attempts, anti -ddos etc
Reliable :  Watch Dog monitoring, zero downtime
Scalable : Many concurrent connections, scalable to external web applications
Compatible to Existing application: It is best to fit with the existing web application, Apache interchangeable, web hosting control panels compatability, migration from other web servers , etc

Lite speed servers are provided with the Indian hosting company, very less hosting companies provide this features. There is  increasing demand for the lite speed servers ,hence the need to accept the innovations in the web hosting and web services industry.