Linux VPS made Better.

By | September 10, 2009

There is always been a question, which is the best choice for the medium hosting requirements, every time we have got the synonymous answer that is VPS i.e. Virtual Private Servers. When you go for the selection between the platform, Linux is chosen comparatively at the larger sides because of its nature of operation and some advantages over the Windows.

Linux VPS is one of the best buy package in the hosting industry. We have to take care when dealing with this Linux VPS to work better.

Linux VPS limits itself while dealing with the resources. It is limited to 1 GB RAM, Clients always want there VPS to run better and responsive. Linux VPSYou can take a look at some tips to improve your VPS.

You should configure your MySQL cache size, it will help you to expand your available RAM. Some of the users might have noticed that your MySQL server instance eats up much of the memory, you can deal with this by decreasing the MYSQL cache size. If you think that it is getting some what slower due to overload of the request, you can increase the cache size as per the needs. Closely monitoring this application will help you to organize your memory needs.

Linux VPS can be enhanced in the performance by disabling the control panels. We all generally used to this Control panels, using this control panels consume your resources as well. If you want to free your resource, you can disable the control panels, using them when you need them is always advised. Installing them is an easy task, simply running a small PHP script or using a shell prompt. Disabling the control Panels will free upto 120 MB of RAM.

You can also have a look at which of the application are eating your memory and from what application you can free your memory. Disabling unwanted features, modules and plugins ,for example Apache that are enabled in every software package, doing this will help you earn a lot amount of memory.

Making Your Linux VPS responsive can be done through disabling the system services that are not in use or unnecessarily running. This services consume RAM as well CPU usage and also make the server unsecured.

To help your self in freeing the memory as per the needs check the memory Apache is using and accordingly adjust the Startservers

Buying a VPS Plan or Linux VPS is an easy task, buying it from a good Web hosting company is a good quiz. Before opting for such Linux VPS package, you can go through the memory requirements and consult with the hosting provider regarding the same.