Link Exchange technique for SEO

By | August 12, 2009

Chain Links There are mixed reaction when you talk about the links exchange. Many web masters take Link exchange as a tool of poor mans SEO, If we see , it is a technique of promoting your website. It is seen as one of the most affordable way to build a life long links and climb SERP rankings fast. The main thing is to bring a large amount of traffic to the website. Link exchange has proved its potential in bringing the traffic to the site,

So Link exchange is used as a basic tool for the search engine optimization and marketing.

Link exchange is a mutual exchange of the links between websites. In today’s SEO strategies it is the most common tool used. Also it has proved a great results in improving the page rank of the websites and that too in short period of time.

Link exchange is of two types:

Reciprocal Linking: This is where the two websites exchange their links mutually. Website X provides link to website Y and vice versa.

3-Way link exchange – The basic idea is the same, three or more sites provide one way link each to the consecutive site in the member 3 way linking network. Consider 5 websites. Website A, B, C, D, E. where A links to B, B links to C,C links to D,D links to E, and E links back to A. It works well.

How does it helps in Search Engine Optimization?

We all know that it is widely used in SEO and improves the PR. Google Page rank, a Link analysis algorithm has a reference of this which states what level of importance should given to the while indexing and ranking by the search engine.

The Page rank of the website highly depends upon how many websites link back to it and that to relevant sites. So we can say that it depends upon the Link exchange campaign to be carried out effectively. Better ranking to the website results in good visibility.

This is a very effective technique for the websites those who have just started and don’t want to spend more money on marketing. Promotion of website with this technique proves better results in short time.

Some Points in Link exchange.

Reciprocal Links costs you nothing.
A good link back to your website help you to increase your visibility.
Helps you retain the PR.
A broad link campaign help you to enhance the brand image.
Helps you to gain publicity.

While campaigning the Link exchange points that should be taken care of.

Link to sites with good  PR?

Some good links from the sites having good page rank can prove with a great  fruitful for your website than linking to many of the websites having lower page rank. To gain such good links from the websites with good PR, your website should be attractive and content should be a quality content.

Relevancy in Linking.
Webmasters very often commit a mistake linking almost to anything that comes their way. To keep the campaign effective you should be very choosy while selecting the linking partners. Please link to the relevant websites.

If carried out with intelligence this technique works for longer time and with great results.