Link Building, An Essential Component of SEO

By | August 15, 2009

Inbound Links from quality websites play an important role in the growth of your websites. The value of a website from search engines point of view varies according the number of incoming links from external websites with good PR. Building links is much similar to building relationships.There are various ways to build such relationships. One way to approach website owners is via Professional E-mails.Following an appropriate approach can yield you better results.

Your E-mail is too considered SPAM and lands up in the recycle bin. Below are few guidelines when approaching someone for a business link sharing relationship.

Subject Line: It is very important to write an Effective Subject line which most describes your intention. Similar to Meta description of any website, a subject line too bears the same importance. Its the first thing that is noticed by readers. It is your first opportunity to create an impact and open doors of interest in the minds of the visitor. It is your only hope to start a healthy conversation.

E-mail Addresses: An appropriate E-mail address is the next important thing when approaching a future business partner. Most commit mistake of inserting the complete message in the address bar of the E-mail. An E-mail address should contain your complete name. This helps you to gain trust of the reader. I would suggest you to try and place yourself in the shoes of the receiver, this might help you to think from a receivers perspective.

Conversation Medium: E-mail is a great way of conversation. You can develop a positive relationship with the one’s with whom you intend to start a new business relationship. You can put it straight and hit the target, usually, most people keep hitting around the bush. This results in a waste of time as the expected partner might discontinue the conversation due to the frustration of not knowing your intentions. In the meanwhile your mail should not seem that you are pushing hard on your marketing plan. Always be open to remarks and suggestions. Ask for a feedback at the end of the conversation, this can help you to improve your skills.

Know Your Targeted Audience: It is very important that you know your targeted audience. It is necessary to do some research before you send out an E-mail to people. Understand their business and suggest them how your proposal can yield them benefits. Bear in mind that you respect the time of the reader,hence keep the E-mail short and to the point. It is important that you keep every E-mail unique when sending any proposals to multiple website owners.

Follow Ups: If your E-mail is left unreplied, you must send an E-mail for the purpose of follow up. Also, make sure that you repond to the replies, queries and suggestions asap.

There should be a clear cut description of the reasons why anyone should link to your websites Unless they benefit something from offering you a link, people would not take interest in doing so. You may also include the details of other websites that have already linked to your website/s.

Importance of Inbound Links:

a) Helps in increasing the traffic,

b) It helps your website to be crawled by the search engines and

c) Search Engines specifically Yahoo and Google, consider the volume and quality of sites that link back to your sites. The search engines would see your website to be important due to the number and quality of backlinks. Quality websites would mean, links from websites that has good traffic hence good rankings.

At the end, the only thing that I would like to suggest is that, you cannot always expect a positive response for every proposal you send across. Link building requires patience and hard work. Believe me Link building is one of the most difficult aspect of search engine optimization because it is a difficult and tedious task, but it is also the hardest element to measure.