Know How To Configure WordPress Settings

WordPress is largely preferred CMS on web hosting accounts. After building a website or blog on a WordPress platform, you need to configure various settings with it. For configuring these settings you have to log in as admin at ‘’. Here you should go to ‘Dashboard’ and click on ‘Settings’. Here you are on the main Setting page where you can find the following options where you can enter the information about website or blog.

Blog Title – Enter the main ‘Title’ of your blog here.

Tagline – This is related to the main subject of your website or blog and can be filled with promotional keywords.

WordPress address (URL) and Blog address (URL) – Both of these fields mostly contain the home page URL of your website or blog.

E-mail address – You should enter an email ID which will be used by the administrator of the Website or Blog.

Membership – This is a small ‘checkbox’ for Applying or relieving the restrictions over the registrations.

New User Default Role – When someone is allowed to register an account with the Website or Blog, these are the options found in the drop down list and allow you to set his role and user level as by default. There are generally five options that can be found in this list as following

‘Subscriber, Administrator, Editor, Author, Contributor’

Timezone – You can set your desired ‘Timezone’ from here.

Date Format – Following are the date formats available which you can use to display the dates with the material on your Website or Blog.

Month DD, YYYY




Custom – (Refer to ‘Customization Options With Date Formats In WordPress’)

Time Format – Similar to Date format, you can also set a format for the time so that it will appear in a specific format of your choice.

Week Starts On – It’s simply to set the starting day of week according to your preference.

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