Keyword Strategy for an Effective SEO Plan.

By | September 3, 2009

The ultimate goal of the Search Engine Optimization is Getting a good Page Rank(PR) and driving a large amount of traffic to the site. The key to drive the traffic is Keywords. You should be able to track the proper keywords that the user might use to reach your site. This is a great skill to use and optimize proper keywords. One should research for the keywords that are used by the people and try to implement those. While selecting Keywords the SEO engineer should take care of the following:

Competitors Keyword : When you are in a market where you know there is a big competition and you have to be in the Race with others, you should know what keywords other competitors are using. If the keywords used are very common and you are getting a large amount of search result on the SERP page for that, try to use a similar or a combination of such keywords.

Less Competitive keywords: When you start optimizing  your site, start using less competitive keywords first. As you start getting some results and your business is also spreading arms, you should move to the difficult keywords. This is a good practice to start with.

Localize Keywords : At the very start of the business, it is oblivious you look for the local market first, same thing in the keywords. Try to Localize the keywords on your site. A good research on what type keywords are used by the local market for the specific search. Here the competition will be less than the global market. Even though your intentions are to rock international business, you should be stable with your Local clients and for that you need to optimize your site for the Local market, Slowly and gradually you can move for the larger market.

Seasonal keywords: There are many such occasions when people come online and use such kind of keywords, Christmas is one such occasion. During Christmas people look to buy Online gifts and moreover in this happy mood shop many other things they are not even looking for. You should try to reach such market by optimizing the site for such instances as well. When deciding such keywords, again a good market study, you should think like a customer and try to search for it in the Search engine and decide which keyword will do better. keywords

Evaluate Keyword : When you optimize a site for some keywords, you should track its performance and then try to evaluate the whole report for it. Time to time performance for the keywords should be tracked and accordingly SEO pans should be changed.

We can take example of the Web Hosting Company, here the most competitive keywords are Web hosting , web server. For local market you can use the keywords such as Best hosting India, Web  Hosting India, Hosting India. For seasonal offers the keywords such as Diwali offer are used hosting packages. You can figure it out many of such keyword, only a little good observation and a good strategy is needed.