Java Web Server Hosting

By | September 19, 2009

There have been many queries from developers who are looking for Java Hosting service for hosting their Java Applications. When hunting for such a web hosting provider,it is essential for you to include the following Standard Servlet/JSP Features. The below list should make your search  find a reliable and Affordable Web Hosting much simple.

List of requirement:

Java Tomcat

a) Java Servlet support (JSDK Servlets)
b) Fine-tuned Tomcat VMs for highest performance
c) High-speed delivery of static content
d) Tomcat should be regularly updated with latest released patches
e) They should support Cocoon 2.1
f) Tomcat features should include JSP and WAR file deployment
g) Easy folder layout/knowledgebase for new Tomcat users
h) Accessibility of full Servlet Logs, Access Logs
i) The package must include JDBC support
j) Configure servlets and compile JSP-DIY configuration
k) File system access and provide dynamic control
l) SQL Server, MySQL, PostGreSQL and FireBird Databases with JDBC
m) Smooth Outgoing/Incoming network connections to run Java-based server
n) Convergence and JSP Wiki support
o) No restriction to use JAR files and appls extensions
p) You’ll need full access to applications for reloading via the Tomcat Manager
q) The Host must offer Separate JVM and JBoss upon request
r) You may need isolated Tomcat Host to separate webapps folder for your applications
s) Host multiple applications, under your own Tomcat Host
t) Tomcat Manager apps should reload/unload applications in real-time
u) For Load balancing check the availability of Clustered VM setups
v) It is important that your Java application/s are hosted on secure server and stable web server.

Usually, Java Applications consume a lot of server resources.It can overload the memory and other resources of the server,hence it is recommended to opt for a Semi-Dedicated Web Hosting or a Dedicated Web Hosting Server ideally.
Some web hosting providers do allow Java Applications on their Virtual Private Server (VPS), but in no time ask the clients to upgrade the plan to a dedicated server.This can cause downtime to your websites, as migration to a dedicated server takes atleast 24-48 hours.Hence, it is suggested to get a dedicated server.You must first contact the web host, make them aware of your requirements,they can suggest you the most appropriate web hosting package to serve your purpose.

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