Is Semi Dedicated Server Hosting Better Than VPS Hosting?

By | December 14, 2010

This is one of the most confusing question for many webmasters and it become difficult task to select a right type of hosting solution when the comparison goes on between VPS Hosting and Semi Dedicated Hosting. Its an easy task when VPS hosting is compared with Dedicated Hosting as webmaster has an clear idea about the balance to make between his budget and available features in these two. Semi Dedicated Hosting services raised to feel the gap between vps hosting and dedicated hosting. When VPS server are not fulfilling the technical requirement of a webmaster and he also can not raise enough budget to go for a Dedicated servers then Semi Dedicated server hosting is a great blessing for such webmasters. In this type of hosting services a single server is not provided to a single webmaster but that particular server is kept limited to very few dedicated hosting accounts to provide better efficiency and to optimize the resources provided to webmasters. The configuration of Semi Dedicated servers is also kept high for differentiating it from VPS Hosting.

Similar to VPS Hosting, Semi Dedicated servers also can set on both Linux and Windows platform. So far reliability of Semi dedicated hosting is concerned one can trust as much as he can do with Dedicated server hosting.