How IoT Technology will Impact Online Marketing

By | November 21, 2016


With the rise of the Internet, many technological developments have taken place competing against each other. Virtual and augmented are fierce contenders, however, a bigger phenomenon is the Internet of Things. With IoT, users are now having internet connected devices from refrigerators to thermostats.

The technology of having connected devices everywhere is pretty exciting. Let’s see how this technology will have an impact on the world of digital marketing

Search on conversational queries

Now, searches have become conversational queries rather than one or two specifically selected keywords. Users now are asking long-form questions. With the development of digital assistants, the acceptation and interpretation is through vocally- input user queries.

Soon keyboard entries will almost disappear with the IoT technology becoming more common in homes. Steadily users will get used to this method of search and keyword-based queries will get vanished practically. This will lead to an enhancement in conversational engagements.

A fall in organic click-through rates

With the increase in conversational engagement, organic click-through rate will decline. Users will be dependent on IoT technology for the functioning of almost everything in their daily lives wherein the conversations and orders can be placed without the need of visiting the website. If we go deep, this can be a bad thing. Users won’t be visiting your website so often. However, a middle step of the process can be eliminated if it is played right. You will optimize your website to be found by IoT searches and not for click-through rates in search engines.

SERPs will disappear or transform

Considering the above two points, it is possible that SERP will vanish or transform as Google and other search engines will integrate themselves with the new online experience and thus causing users to no longer visit the website. There are certain points to be considered like previewing a product before the final purchase or going through some information. This information can be provided directly by Google’s Knowledge Graph and existing digital assistants.

Google might not be the primary focus

Till today, Google plays a dominant role in search engines. It is predicted that this dominance will continue even if the traditional methods of SERPs and search change. However, you will not worry about only Google. Users will use IoT to find information, products, and videos which means that the user will have to adapt to a variety of different technologies.

A complete shift to personalization

Personalization is the new trend. Social media experiences and online searches are evolving to become more personalized. Users wish for personalized experiences to prevent the feeling of mass-marketed and to get more relevant content and information. With the growth of IoT, personalization will be more feasible. The potential of personalization is beyond present conception and it is going to play a huge role in search results in near future.

The growth of residential marketing

When more homes shift to smart homes, purchases and searches will be more for residential purposes. It will be of utmost importance to get the products and information in front of residential consumers. This should also go beyond the potential for search optimization. If you are making your products and information available through some IoT technology, it becomes essential to advertise the same. If you are catering to a particular niche target audience, it is important to know how your target audience is using IoT in their homes.