Internet Explorer 8

Microsoft has brought you the new browser IE 8, it has everything that an internet savvy needs. You can customize it and make it n such a way that you never thought of.

Some of the Features of Microsoft’s new browser:

Site suggestion: Microsoft describes this feature as a tool. Browser sends the information to Microsoft through a secure connection. The suggested sites feature is turned off by default when the user is using InPrivate enabled or visiting SSL Secured sites. The information sent is IP Address and browser information.

InPrivate: This is a new security mode added to the browser which consists of three features which are InPrivate Browsing, InPrivate Blocking and InPrivate subscription. InPrivate browsing is described as ‘Porn Mode’ in many news outlets.
Private Blocking is useful in tracking the browsing history and InPrivate subscribing helps to subscribe to list of sites to block.


Accelerators:  This is meant for selection based search. This is feature that will make easy to search for various text and graph based search. It eliminates the need of copy and paste the content from the websites. IT specifies the XML based encoding which allows a web application to be invoked  as a accelerator service

Web Slices: It is referred as snippets of entire page that can be subscribed to. This web slices will be updates automatically be the browsers. They can be viewed directly from favorites bar. Parts of the WebPages can be marked as webslice by the developers using the hAtom microformat and hslice microformat.

Autocomplete changes: This is a feature which adds security so that the TLD is shown in black color and other parts of the URL is gray. Other features for address bar include improved model for inserting selection caret and pasting multiline URL.

Smart screen Filter: This feature is an extension to that present in IE7. This feature is also very useful in security concern. If a user visits any site which is labeled as imposter then the browser will prompt a message saying this site is harmful and should not be visited.

Developer tools: IE 8 is also designed keeping developers needs in concern. It includes tools that allow HTML, CSS, JavaScript which debugs directly from the browser.

Favorite bar: This concept is new in browsers. It allows to host web slices, documents and website links.

Crash Recovery: It has an inbuilt automatic crash recovery. If the browser terminates suddenly while browsing, next time you browse the webpages you were viewing can be recovered

Zooming: A very improved and clear zooming feature is added to the browser.

Performance and stability:  It has an performance improvement over HTML parser, CSS engine, garbage collector and such runtime engines. It uses LCIE (loosely coupled internet Explorer) architecture which adds better security and stability.

Above are the features that the new IE8 browser incorporates. It is a new browser that has eliminated some of the features that IE 7 had. Lets see which are they

  • Inline autocomplete
  • Option to delete files stored by ActiveX controls and addons, in IE8 it performed automatically.
  • CSS Expressions are not supported
  • <wbr> element is also not supported

Just try it out and expirience the fun with internet.

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