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With the dawn of the digital era, technological innovations and website blogging are increasing day by day. The bloggers have accepted Shared Web Hosting as the most economical solution for a rising number of websites to create their online presence. Shared Web Hosting enables hosting multiple websites on a single server. Small Business units, blog owners, new websites with limited funds find it to be the quick and ideal solution to host their websites. Each business unit has a hosting plan which enables limited sharing of resources on the server. The online presence allows you to reach out to the large numbers which were previously not possible.

It doesn’t matter if you develop the website or you have hired someone to do it because a web host is an essential component to drive the online presence of the website. The web host providers present two shared web hosting solutions which are Linux Shared Hosting and Windows Shared Hosting. It is the website owners call to choose between Linux and Windows depending on the coding language and the development platform used. Consider an example, the website using ASP.NET need to opt for Windows Shared Hosting.

Shared Web Hosting is similar to the public auto rickshaw. Traveling by auto instead of a private vehicle is economical.

Let’s check on some interesting facts about the Shared Web Hosting

  • Working of Shared Web Hosting

Shared Web Hosting is like multiple websites stored on a single server with all the sites sharing a few common resources. It is similar to the hotel room where you opt for your own room but, you have distributed facilities like food and water in common. The room rents differ depending on the AC and Non- AC room similarly, The Hosting cost varies depending on the hosting plan you choose.

Shared Web Hosting

Multiple accounts are hosted for customers on the partitioned server in shared Web Hosting. The customers share the server resources and costs but, manage their own websites. The critical factor that makes the site economic is the sharing of rent amongst all the website owners.

  • Features of Shared Web Hosting

Let’s check the five most essential elements of Shared Web Hosting

1. Space and Traffic

Hosting a website needs disk space to store databases, media and code files. This feature is more important when your website is too large, and the users are continuously accessing the data. Bandwidth works just like a tunnel; the more comprehensive the tunnel more the information can pass through it. The performance of the website is influenced by both bandwidth and traffic speed. There are web hosts who offer unlimited bandwidth but, restricted traffic speed which affects the performance of the websites. So, the plan must be selected based on bandwidth and traffic speed.

2. Uptime

Shared Web hosting enables the website to work online without any hurdle. The uptime is measured in percentage from the total expected uptime. The uptime varies from website to website depending on whether the website needs to be online all the time. In case your project is not too large and doesn’t need 100% uptime so, choose a hosting plan with 98% uptime. This will help in making efficient use of available resources.

Along, with the uptime security features are also very important when you host a website. So, while choosing a plan better safety for your server should also be taken care of. There are web host providers that do not offer security options into a cheap shared plan. So, be aware of them.

3. Support

The newcomers in the business of websites need support which is an important factor to them. You need to know everything about the support of your web host candidates.

Support is important to solve the questions that arise when you are taking your first step in hosting management. So, customer support is very crucial to provide immediate solutions to the problems.

4. Pre-Installed Apps

There are hosting providers offering unlimited options in their shared plans. Options like Pre-installed apps is best which can help you to create a website quickly and manage it more effectively. Control panel is one of the best apps your shared plan can offer. It is a sign of relief if your shared plan provides a control panel thus, making it easier to control the complicated server processes conveniently.

Mostly, the web host providers offer cPanel which is popularly known. But, sometimes there are web host providers that provide a customized control panel with some pre-installed apps. This includes some eCommerce tools for payments and shopping which eases your task with just a click.

5. Free Bonus

The market of Shared Web Hosting is enormous so, the host providers target the customers by offering them the free bonus. They attract the website owners by providing free domain name, website transfer, site building tools or some other exciting features. Of course, more and more free bonuses predict that the deal is better. Most of us are attracted towards the renewal fees which is free for the first year and later you need to pay the yearly payments to retain your account.

Shared Web Hosting
It is essential to have a thorough knowledge of the free bonus the company is offering.

• Benefits of Shared Web Hosting

The benefits of Shared Web Hosting make it possible to open an account, sign the contract and begin setting up the online presence of the site.

There has always been a question as to what are its advantages? Let’s study a few benefits of Shared Web Hosting.

1. Scalable

Shared Web Hosting proves to be a blessing to the new sites that don’t see much traffic. It enables the sites to manage and grow using the shared set of finite resources. Once the site can grab the desired level of traffic, there is a possibility that it may need to upgrade the disk space. So, Shared Web Hosting allows the sites to scale according to the needs.

2. Accessible

There are hosting providers that offer you tools for the efficient running of the website. Also, they provide one-click installs for easy accessibility of content management systems like WordPress. The installs are freely available and accessible once you sign up the account. While other installs may require additional fees. It helps the users to build their website elsewhere and upload it to the hosting account. Shared Web Hosting eases the accessibility of content management and content building tools.

3. Affordable

Shared Web Hosting plans are typically inexpensive. To make it affordable to the newcomers, they also offer bonus which attracts the users. The introductory promotional rates go up the site after the end of the promotional period. It is the least inexpensive option for users with basic web hosting. So, the users find the Shared Web Hosting plans suitable and affordable with extra features.


Shared Web Hosting offers you the freedom to create the online presence of your website at an affordable cost and a shared amount of resources. The above information indeed predicts that it is beneficial for new sites with limited budgets and less traffic. Since it offers additional features at an affordable cost, there are a considerable amount of users moving towards Shared Web Hosting.

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