Importance of Website Uptime for Your Business

The Importance of Website Uptime Monitoring

Website Uptime

Uptime is the context of web server working properly and all time without any failures. Website Uptime is the most important measure to check the maintenance and quality of web hosting servers. If your website is unavailable or is inaccessible then probably your web server is down.

Downtime can damage your business. The damage will vary depending upon your website. When small business website faces downtime for 20 minutes having just 3 to 4 web pages there is really not so big trouble. It is troublesome for bigger business having thousands of visitors and users every day. However, downtime generates negative publicity for both small and big organizations. Visitors are disappointed and leave to somewhere else thereby incurring a loss to organizations.

Reasons causing downtime

Web hosting server has many elements like operating systems, server hardware, network connections, database components and many other small elements. If any of the above-mentioned elements fail to function properly, it can cause shorter downtime or a prolonged one. To choose a right web hosting service provider, choose those companies which have more duplicated most fragile hardware parts, new servers having good uptime statistics than companies using old and obsolete servers.

Power supplies also can cause a downtime. As most of the web hosting service provider suffered a loss in power causing a downtime for its users. Make sure to choose a web hosting provider which has uninterruptable power supplies.

Web hosting uptime is an important factor to check how reliable is your web hosting service provider and how frequently their servers are down. However, is highly reliable and our customer service standing by to our commitments of delivering 99% uptime guarantee with 24×7 exuberant managed support services for 365 days a year.

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