The Importance of VPS Hosting for WordPress

The Importance of VPS Hosting for WordPress –


The success of your marketing is supreme blogging. Writing a blog is altogether a fun activity. Without it, you probably don’t have anything to promote on social media platforms, no interaction with your customers and leads, very few pages to convert your leads into hot clients and thus poor SEO. However, in the beginning, it is difficult to arrive on a decision of choosing a free solution like WordPress, Blogger or going for paid solutions. If you are new to blogging, the self-hosted option is a difficult choice to make. However, if you are having a long-term vision of blogging, the self-hosted option is the best option.

With shared-hosted, you can make whatever changes you feel like doing, make your WordPress site look like the way you want it, install or uninstall plugins as per your needs. You are the caretaker for your WordPress site. You can control each and every aspect of your website. Before getting your hands dirty in blog writing, study the different hosting options for your blog.

Shared Hosting

Shared hosting is being a small part of a big server along with other websites and people who share the same server. Sometimes, hundreds of people share the same server. Larger websites gulp up too many resources affecting your website. Shared hosting is widely used by the newbies because it is simple, quick and most important it is cheap. That is what beginners choose but then, later on, it proves to be a big mistake. If you are planning for long-term blogging then within some time you will get too big for shared hosting and you would like to migrate to a bigger host. But, people are not able to decide when they have grown too big for shared hosting. Here, you don’t need a deep study and analysis. If you are on shared hosting and your website is taking time to load then it’s time to shift to a bigger host. It is that easy. Shared hosting is like living in a college boardinghouse and having only one restroom. To use the restroom everyone has to get in line.

Virtual Private Server

Virtual Private Server is taking a portion of the building, having private access to your portion and without your portion, no one can have access to your portion. VPS is a virtual private server which exists on a powerful server. People believe that a VPS is difficult to set up and is very expensive. This is not true. There are some companies that offer great services for as little as $6 a month. VPS server ensures assured allotment of resources which only you can access, unlike shared hosting. In short, if there is a larger website on another VPS which is hosted on the same machine, you don’t need to worry about it as it is not going to affect the resources you consume. Assume that there is a big computer and many small computers are running inside it. If your VPS is not overloaded, your website will function properly. However, if you still feel your website needs something big you can easily upgrade your VPS to a dominant one within few minutes without migrating.

One such drawback of VPS is that you are wholly and solely responsible for the server. If anything goes wrong with something that is deployed on your server then your host will be of no help to you. That is why you will witness users taking back up of their WordPress site.

You don’t need to have the technical knowledge to set up a WordPress site on a VPS. You can simply install a free and open source control panel such as Zpanel which will do all the hard work. You will have a great control panel that is web-based which will help you to manage your website, email addresses etc. but which is very powerful than shared hosting

So, it seems that VPS hosting is better than shared hosting. Though you will face difficulties initially regarding setup and other things it will be a savior for long-term blogging and smooth functioning of the website.

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