Hyper V VPS and Virtuozzo VPS Platforms

By | July 30, 2009

Two of the very popular virtualization platforms are Hyper V and HyperV VPS Hosting Virtuozzo. Most of the web hosting service providers offer Hyper V for Windows Server 2008 VPS Hosting services and Virtuozzo with Windows Server 2003 VPS hosting. There is hardly anything in common between the two. Virtuozzo is developed for the purpose of usage in Web Hosting whereas Hyper V is developed for larger organizations and for more for non commercial purpose. Both the platforms are equally preferred by users. Practically there isn’t much difference in the functionality of the two.

Virtuozzo Both Hyper V and Virtuozzo offer reliability with Windows VPS Server. Hyper V can be supposed to be more reliable as it isn’t a third party application, it is a Microsoft product. The main factor of differentiation between the two is that Virtuozzo uses a web based interface known as the Parallels Power Panel and Hyper V does not offer such an interface, you need to have a DotNet Control panel or any other third party application, to server purpose. Hyper V is usually used on Windows Server 2008 VPS Server and are slightly costlier than Virtuozzo VPS. Hyper V VPS can only be created on Windows platforms whereas Virtuozzo can be used on Linux platforms as well.

You can also opt to use Virtuozzo over Hyper V or Hyper V over Virtuozzo. These types have their individual advantages, especially for the web hosting providers as they get more options to offer to their customers. Most of the web hosting companies prefer Virtuozzo as it offers support for both Windows VPS server and Linux VPS platforms that too at lesser costs. The Power Panel comes with Virtuozzo and this allows customers to manage their VPS’s in a much simpler way.