How to use .NET application’s ?

By | July 13, 2009

How to use .NET application’s ?
Microsoft ASP.NET is a free technology that allows programmers to create dynamic web applications. ASP.NET can be used to create anything from small, personal websites through to large, enterprise-class web applications.

If using Visual Studio .NET, you can publish directly to your site using your URL (i.e. http://your-webserver/yourusername) and selecting “FrontPage Extensions” as the publishing method.

Verify the following settings in your web.config file:
<customErrors mode=”Off” /> – Allows you to see your errors
<authentication mode=”Windows” /> – Remove this line
<sessionState /> – Remove this line

Global.asax goes in your root web directory.

Your assemblies go in your /Bin directory (VS .NET will create this directory for you.)
You can use ASP 3.0 and ASP.NET in the same account (Note: They will not share session data).

For more information about Microsoft’s .NET technology, including tutorials and sample code, visit Microsoft’s site at ASP.NET.