How to Install PHP 5 on the IIS 6 server.

By | September 22, 2008

PHP stands for Hypertext Pre-processor. PHP is a Dynamic web-developing programming language. But it needs to be configured on IIS Windows Server with the following steps.

1> Download the PHP version from

2> Extract the ZIP file which you have downloaded form and rename the php.inirecommended to php.ini.

3> copy that folder to c:/program files/php5.

4> Click start >> run >> type command  inetmgr.(inetmgr  command is used to open IIS ).

5> Righ click on website >> properties >>>Home Directory>>>Clickonfigration/

6> Application configuration window will open >> you will need to add application Extention click add and the path of  php5isapi.dl from c:/program files/php5/php5isapi.dl.

7>Select the Extension .php >>click ok>>> and select Home Directory of Web site properties.

8>Click add and type index.php>> Ok.

9>apply  the properties >> ok.

10>Finally, select Web Service Extensions on the left side and choose”Add a new Web    service extension.”

11>Click add new Extention >>add >>> select the path C:\Program Files\PHP5  \php5isapi.dl.>>>ok.

12>Copy C:\Program Files\PHP5\php.ini-dist to C:\WINDOWS\php.ini and restart IIS.

13>https://localhost/test.php Enter this URL in the Browser to test. You should see the PHP info page if your PHP5 installation was successful.