How to Choose the Best Podcast Hosting?


If you’re unsure of what entails Podcast hosting, we are here to answer all of your queries. A podcast hosting platform is required to house and host all of your media files and data that you produce on the show. It is the equivalent of a website host keeping all of its content on web hosting servers. Podcast hosting needs servers to store huge media files. Offer features that are required to run a podcast efficiently, and make the entire process simpler.

How to Choose A Podcast Hosting Platform?

  • Storage and Bandwidth Limits

The main element to consider while selecting a podcast hosting service is how much bandwidth and storage you require and how much the service offers. Limited storage could cause your growth to be hampered, while less bandwidth could reduce the quality of your podcast and restrict the number of your listeners. 

Select a podcast hosting service that can offer ample storage and bandwidth to accommodate your current and evolving needs. Every month approximately 60000 downloads easily handled using 2000 GB bandwidth. You can calculate the amount you need according to your downloads accordingly. You can always go for a podcast hosting package that has limited bandwidth and storage. Then upgrade it as your needs go up.

  • Compatibility

A website is not crucial to run a podcast. However, it can be a great way to reach more audiences and get listeners in. It can prove to be extremely beneficial to have a web hosting service that can efficiently combine your podcast and website to deliver the best result possible. This can be extremely beneficial as it could save you from having any issues in the future and lend a helping hand to expanding your podcast. 

Several podcast hosting platforms are providing customized websites to meet all of their customer’s requirements. In case your hosting platform cannot offer you this feature, at least make sure that your RSS feed is integrated with your domain. In the end, your podcast hosting service needs to be compatible with your podcast and its requirements.

  • Simple usage

Your podcast hosting features need to be simple enough to use for you to employ them. So ensure you get to know the features that a podcast hosting service offers and how easy they are to use before signing a contract. Getting familiar with the dashboard will help you manage your media files and podcast data immensely.

  • Analytics Reporting

Analytics can help transform your business entirely. An incredibly robust tool, it provides vital insight into your audience and their activities. There are several industries that use analytics to determine their next course of action. Even if you’re not that comfortable with numbers, analytics will offer a simple understanding of your audience to aid in decision-making and charting a course for the long run.

You also get information about the activity of your audience and the aspects of your podcast they prefer and those they do not. The main thing that you should ensure is that your analytic report has an IAB certification.

  • Cost

The podcast hosting provider you select will be determined heavily by the amount of budget you have. In case you are just a beginner, you should experiment with a free option before you commit to a paid one. Unfortunately, free options have limited features and resources and might not help you grow considerably.

So you should move on to an economical paid podcast hosting that has ample features and resources to help your podcast grow and succeed.

  • Support

Regardless of how long you have been a podcaster or the level of your expertise. Sooner or later you are going to need a bit of support. Whether it is a simple query or you need direction in accomplishing a task. Your customer support team can help you achieve it all. It is good to have someone that is ready to help you whenever you need.

While you can get customer service from the majority of podcast hosting providers, the quality is not the same. You should always opt for the one that has 24/7 customer support and is extremely responsive. To gain insight into it, read customer service reviews and see what their experience has been with the podcast hosting services you are scouting.

  • Conclusion

Is making podcasts your passion? Do you see yourself building a huge audience base for your podcast? Well, to gain such a level of success you need to select the perfect podcast hosting service. If you implement the measures given above while choosing your web hosting service. You can easily choose the best podcast hosting that is compatible with all of your needs and fulfills them without missing a beat. So relax, employ these tips, and watch your podcast succeed.

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