How to choose a Good hosting Package?

By | August 8, 2009

Choosing a web host and after that choosing a good hosting plan can be very difficult job.325x250 let us guide you some thing in choosing the hosting package that suits your needs.  When you basically look at your website and enterprise you can get a rough idea of what exactly do you need. you should look for the space, bandwidth, and email accounts. these are some basic things that needs to be addressed at First. If you want to calculate the size you need for your website it is simple.Just make a total space used by the files given below:
html Webpages ,Image files, installed programs,Emails stored on server,server logs.

It is not that simple either, if you choose to buy a hosting plan with 10 MB plan and an incoming mail to your email id contains an attachment of 10 MB, your account space is used and you cant even send, recieve nor even host your web pages. You should be very good in understanding your future requirements also.

Lets check what for bandwidth?

Now the bandwidth is the amount of the data that can be send by your website to the website visitors on monthly basis. You can simply take it as fuel in your car, if fuel runs out your car is of no use. Simlilarly if the bandwidth runs out nobody will be able to visit your website. Statics shows that more than 95 % of the websites do not use bandwidth more than 500 MB monthy.
Planning your bandwidth consist of the email accounts volume, images used, audio and video streaming on the website.Please do not pay attentions to the scheme such as unlimited bandwidth.

Email accounts.

This completely depends upon the your organisation and needs. how many people are working in the organisation. You should plan for some extra space and bandwidth if you think you will need high amount of email accounts.

User should insist using pop up clients to reduce the need for more space needed on the server. Simply speaking if you keep all the mails on the server then can you imagine the space needed to store this mails. most of the space will be hired by the emails storage itself. using pop a POP client to download all the mails from the server to your local machine will resuce your space on the server. POP client such as Outlook Express, netscape, Eudora, Thunderbird can be used.

Now the exact Hosting plan that is to be searched for.

Dedicated plans: You can opt for the dedicated hosting package if you want only your site in the server. You get the full access of the server and can install any software as you want. You can buy a server with 80 to 100 GB HDD and p4 Processor with 2 GB RAM. You have no limitations on this server.While looking for this type of hosting just check your budget and price for the hosting package. It can be some what costly. You get Free maintanence with this packages.

Shared Hosting Plans:If you think you dont need the dedicated plans or you have less requirements for spave and bandwidth or dedicated is just too costly for you, you can move towards shared hosting plans. You are bound to many limitaions on this plans. Usually this server is shared between 300 or more sites. Choose what you want linux or windows according the application you are going to use.The main advantage of this type of hosting is price and Zero maintanence

VPS Hosting plans
: If you think none of the ablve suots your requirements you can move towards VPS hosting plans. The mostly used plans in hosting industry. You get the feel of the dedicated server and price much lesser than that.It is a virtual private server dedicated for you.This virtual private server run as isolated process within a server.It gives you full control of the virtual server.

Some important information about the hosting package before starting up:
Some of the features that the hosting packages normally contain are:

120x240Unlimited Email accounts
Easy to use free website design tools
Easily upload content to the server, account comes with features such as FTP.
You should get the facilities such as MySql unlimited databases, Perl, CGI Scripting,SSI, Cron, Front Page Extensions support for your website.
With the Conterol panel the features such as Password protected directories, account creating and manipulation.
Support for various shopping carts freely, e-commerce solutions.
Various tools are available that you can install with just a single click of the mouse.

The basic thing you need to have is Domain name.If you don’t have it you can register with if it is available get it done quite easily