How Leading Brands Are Making Use of the Cloud

By | September 2, 2021

There is a vast variety of information online regarding the advantages of cloud migration. It includes several benefits such as security, cost efficiency, agility, incredible apps and tools, scalability, etc. However, there is an extremely limited understanding of how huge businesses actually employ all the benefits of the cloud.

So let’s take a look at a few major brands in the world and how cloud migration has proven advantageous for them.

Deutsche Bank

A digital transformation is taking place at Deutsche Bank, a leading bank in Germany. In order to be more cost-efficient and boost revenue, it has chosen to migrate its functioning to a cloud. Being an institute that deals in finance, its success is based on its ability to analyse risk and forecast cash flow. Cloud migration will provide it access to data science, AI, and told based on machine learning that can take analytics and forecasting to a new level.

Plus, a platform for digital communications will be developed for the bank using the cloud that will build a bridge for customers to get in touch with the company and boost customer experience. It is also seen as the best way to better security, the integrity of the customer’s data and compliance.


Daimler AG, a Mercedes manufacturer in Germany, is migrating its after-sales portal to the cloud. It also intends to use machine learning and artificial intelligence to boost agility, innovate and look after the development of products and services. The scalability that cloud migration allows, will also help cost efficiency.
Daimler has chosen cloud migration to also boost security along with spring sensitive and confidential securely away from ransomware and other malicious attacks like hacking and viruses.


Coca-Cola has chosen to move forward on its digital evolution by enforcing an IT rule that is cloud first. It includes using a hybrid cloud solution as a cost-effective strategy to reduce the cost of automated operations and boost the resilience of their IT infrastructure. It is easier to minimise cost by employing the beneficial features of the cloud to shape the infrastructure to maximise efficiency and build a concise platform that can handle all the processes of data, application and business. A management system with a single dashboard will be integrated into this platform that will bring together a hybrid setup that includes public and private elements. Plus, data analytics and artificial intelligence will be employed to provide insights that can help boost operations and services.


A website that is dedicated to recruitment and finding job opportunities, now owned by the Japanese, is adopting cloud migration for its customer-related products, a legacy based and works that are vital to the business. This includes migrating data of about 30 PBs, due to their millions of users worldwide. The main intention of this cloud migration is to reduce the storage cost of huge amounts of data in-house. In fact, this new infrastructure is meant to minimise their Datacenter footprint by approximately 40%.
Along with bettering its operations in-house, cloud migration also helps its business boost the performance, reliability and availability for all the visitors of their website. Moreover, it intends to increase innovation and offer its customers brand new products by employing data warehousing, managing their databases, machine learning and analytics.


It is a Fintech company that has embraced cloud migration to step into the world of digital evolution for its 8000 customers worldwide. The company is committed to modernising its IT infrastructure regarding financial services, which will help its clients with better collaboration and invocation.
Transferring its entire list of clients to the cloud will approve them to employ a digital-based workplace and help them proceed with their own customers with digital solutions such as signatory services and digital notary.


HSBC Holdings is migrating to the cloud in order to build its customer-based applications even further. The main purpose of this move is to build an infrastructure that helps its customers gain better-personalised banking services that focus on the consumer’s experience. Its application development intends to employ several cloud technologies such as container services, artificial intelligence, database services, data analytics, and machine learning. It will also benefit from the top-notch security of cloud computing along with its computing and storage capacity. The transition to the cloud will also help HSBC to boost its Global Wealth & Personal Banking division and to develop brand new digital products.


Nissan is using cloud migration as a way to be cost-efficient, and transform its digital infrastructure to keep the skirt and resilience of the company intact in the face of the recent decrease in sales of vehicles. It helps cost efficiency by transferring the storage of huge amounts of data to the cloud while also improving scalability. Nissan needs secure data storage to maintain the integrity, performance, safety and reliability of its products.


Cloud migration is the main go-to in technological evolution used by huge companies to better products, operations, services and products and helps gather insights to improve the business. It also helps make the company more cost-efficient, improve resilience, sorry and to improve security. You can also employ the best cloud hosting services in India to improve your companies like these leading brands are.