How Hackers Do That?

By | February 17, 2011

Number of cases are rising of hacking a web hosting accounts and websites. Though Hackers loves blogs more than websites as they are easier then the websites for getting hacked. The word hacking describe the unauthorized and unwanted entries in a private network or computer which mostly work as a web server and capturing its most possible controls and functions. The main strength of any hacker is the lack of webmaster’s knowledge about the latest technologies and tools and how they works.

Emails are the mostly used as a hacking attempt starting process. Webmasters receives emails which includes requests of software installation or certain types of plug ins and this all is provided at fully free of cost. According to human tendency of acquiring free things webmasters get attracted quickly towards such emails. These type of free programs are specially constructed with the ability of spying the activities done by you and controlling the networks.

To avoid such attacks a webmaster need to be always aware of the up-gradation of standard softwares installed on his servers. Older versions of security softwares possibly may include few exceptions of errors and bugs which are unable to prevent your website hosting servers from external attacks. Hackers are capable of studying these security systems and using the drawbacks of those ones. Always make sure to do not click on the links of unknown emails which claims suspicious free stuff for free from a fishy site. Though search engines are always blocking such sites but its not an easy task to always track such sites with surety. Never upload any file which you collected from a unknown source and never found anyone else using it ever before, such files comes with an inbuilt scripts which are capable of automatic installation of programs and spread itself throughout the network.

Usage of short and weak passwords as they are easy to remember but it is another big reason for getting a web hosting account getting hacked. As all of us know what are the characteristics of good passwords so never take it easily while using a password.

E-Commerce websites are most likely to be on the target of hackers because they always deals with money transactions. Such websites should be checked by setting up regular maintenance schedule on hourly basis which can be effective to keep hackers away from web hosting accounts and web servers.