How can I place a banner in vBulletin for unregistered users?

By | January 8, 2011

You can place a banner for an unregistered user in vBulletin easily following the below mentioned steps:


1. First you need to log in to your vBulletin administration area ( for e.g.

2. Then you need to go to Styles & Templates from the menu located in the left. Choose Style Manager.

3. Now click on << >> to collapse all options.

4. Then you need to choose where you would like your banner to be placed or located.

5. After finalizing on the position of the banner you need to scroll to the bottom and add the following code:
<if condition=”in_array($bbuserinfo[‘usergroupid’], array(1, 3))”>

Your banner code goes here in HTML

The above code would mean that if the user has groupid 1 or 3 the following code should be executed. By default 1 and 3 user group ids belong to unregistered and awaiting-approval users. If you have any further issues pertaining this you can contact the support staff for your Web Hosting Service Provider.