How can I perform a traceroute check in Windows, Linux and Mac OS?

By | January 6, 2011

Below mentioned are the steps to perform a traceroute check on the different operating systems :

Windows :


  • You need to open the Start Menu
  • Then click on Run
  • Type cmd and then press enter
  • In the command prompt displayed you need to type tracert and then press enter

The above steps will provide you with the traceroute results from your computer to You can also execute the actions by using tracert with an IP, i.e. tracert

Linux :


For executing a traceroute in Linux you need to open a terminal window and type in traceroute – I The -I options is an important aspect for the traceroute to use ICMP. Similarly you can use traceroute with an IP, i.e. traceroute -I

Mac OS :


Mac OS is a operating system working on the UNIX platform similar to Linux. This concludes that you would be able to perform a traceroute check similar to as done for Linux, traceroute -I executed in a terminal window.

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