How can I change the value of a PHP Setting?

By | December 13, 2010

You may apply customized PHP settings on a pre-folder using a local php.ini file.


Below mentioned is an example to describe the same :

If you require output_buffering set to OFF in a particular directory, you should log into your cPanel provided with web hosting account and go to the File Manager. There you need to navigate through to the directory where you’d want this setting to be applied. In the desired directory create a php.ini file containing the below:

output_buffering = off

The settings should take place, once the above steps are executed.

There are two exceptions which you need to note :

Some very important PHP Limits or Directives cannot be changed, for example memory_limit and max_execution_timeout. Changing the values from the values assigned by the administrator can result in problems with the overall server performance.

If PHP is compiled as an Apache module, you can try using a .htaccess file containing the below mentioned :

php_value output_buffering off

Please be advised that the global PHP settings cannot be changed with a local file if you are using PHP 5.1. Some globally defined limits cannot be changed per account.