How About Considering A Niche Hosting?

About 4 years ago, we talked about hosting niche. I think it’s time to take a look again at this. Niche can be defined as a segment of the market that has a unique and exclusive demand. Attract a niche means delivering products that meet a need for which there is not much supply.

Types Of Niche

The market is quite large and seems to get bigger every year. Let’s name a few that are currently in high demand:

Hosting Blog – Blogs are still high. The ease of installation, availability of themes and customization and ease of use always attract different types of customers. Most companies that provide this service tend to focus exclusively on WordPress as a platform.

Web Hosting CMS – CMS is an acronym that means content management system. This is another dynamic system that has facilitated the creation of websites quickly replacing html editors. The plans are usually aimed at Joomla and Drupal.

Mail Services – An email hosting service has generally targets people who want to use another mail server other than the hosting. The most popular segment is hosting with the Microsoft Exchange platform. Email marketing is also a service that can be seen in this niche.


Hosting Virtual Stores – With the increase of online shopping every year, more and more companies look forward to host service stores. It involves many aspects as means of payment, certificates, configuration management. It is a niche with several possibilities for exploration.

Hosting images / videos – This type of service has become quite popular over the years. It is intended for users who need space to show and share files. You might consider creating a CDN (content delivery network – more on that soon).

To offer or focus on any of the services mentioned above, I recommend that you go deeper in the area, check which are the optimized settings for each server type of application and be ready to answer questions from customers about trivial matters.

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