Guide to know the Amount of DiskSpace and Bandwidth You Actually Need for you Website.

By | July 9, 2009

Knowing the actual Bandwidth and Diskspace required for your web site to be hosted on a hosting server is essential. Most of the people are unaware of this basic requirement. One has to know this before you sign-up with a web hosting provider.

Audio-Video First of all you need to determine the content of your website, it means you should be aware if it contains plain text, audio, video or images. Plain text needs the least amount of diskspace, whereas images, audio and video files need more space.

Due to the lack of knowledge, you may land up paying extra to the web hosting provider.

You can find wide range of web hosting packages being offered, with different bandwidth and storage options at different prices. Choosing a web hosting service provider who offers good quality pre and post sales service is equally important. In the web hosting industry you must know the rule of thumb, 2 mega byte of storage space is sufficient for hosting 10 web pages with plain text or 4 to 5 images. This rule can help you in determining the server space that you would require to host your website. With this you can even calculate the required bandwidth. Most people misunderstand data transfer to be similar to bandwidth. If you expect a lot of data to be transferred, you should choose a web hosting plan that offers additional bandwidth. Incase you opt for a plan that has high data transfer rate and low bandwidth, it is most likely that your site would face some issues such as slow performance and delay in the webpages to display.

It is better to keep the website as simple as possible, avoid using large images and heavy flash content in the web pages. This can help you in managing the disk space and bandwidth. If you are still unable to determine the appropriate web hosting plan, you should approach a web hosting provider, let them know the size of your website and the traffic that you expect. They would help you choose a most suitable web hosting plan.