Great Features of cPanel.

  • Simplicity:- The interface with the user is very easy for newbies also as there are very useful tutorials in the form of videos and on-screen help are available. This make cPanel one of the most popular among website hosting customers.

  • Total Control:- After selecting cPanel you become master of your web server and it all in you hands to run different application like PHP, Apache, or DNS. User management is also one important area comes under your control.

  • Reliability:- This one of the most reliable application among it competitors. You get an inbuilt automation for automatic restart in case of any failure to service.

  • Supportive To Web Development:- Web development activities become more secure for developers as cPanel make them possible to perform any task without disturbing other users on the web hosting servers.

  • Security:- One of the most important factor for all is security and it is very well covered in cPanel. It is equipped with the latest technologies to keep your web servers secure from different viruses and rootkits. With the helps of tools provided it is possible to lock down the servers.

  • Extensibility:- There are number of APIs available easily for the easy extension of cPanel. Many function can be automatically updated.

  • Automatic Updates and Mobile Accessibility:- Automatic updates make your server competent with latest security features and other technology features. These can also be disabled by a webmaster if he don’t want updates anymore. As current era is of mobiles and smart phones, it has become possible for webmasters to operate cPanel via these latest devices.
  • Useful for Resellers:- This is a great utility of Reseller Hosting business owners as they can have their own nameservers and use different cPanel logo of their own for total different appearance of the applications.

There are many great fetures and utilities are combined with cPanel which makes it one of the most favourite application among webmasters.

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