Google Chrome Operating System

By | July 11, 2009

After the great success of the Google chrome browser, Google is now spreading wings to the master software i.e Operating system named after the browser itself as Google chrome OS. Stats show that over 30 million people use Chrome browser every day. The concept behind developing such kind of operating system is that, OS were designed when Internet(Web) was not there. So this operating system would be thinking in the context of web.

Some of the features disclosed yet.

Google chrome OS is an Open source operating system that will be initially targeted towards Net books. It is lightweight too. In the second half of the 2010 the operating system will be available with its code with net books.

Speed, security and simplicity will be the key aspects of the operating system. Now the operating itself will be a fast software as well as lightweight. This will help in few seconds boot up and get you on the web.

Users would love the OS when they hear that the operating system has a great security architecture will itself deal with the malwares, Viruses and security updates.

Google OS will run on ARM chips and x86 as well. The software of the OS is also simple. All web based application will automatically work and the new applications can be written using any liked technologies. This application would infact work on all the operating system such as Windows, Mac and Linux.


Google is also looking to develop a cloud computing with web based Chrome OS, which will eliminate the need for local data and local software.

Google has thought of all the problems of the end users as well. Many problems arise while using OS in day to day life such as, users need to get email instantly without waiting for the System to boot up and browsers to start up.

All of them just hope that the system should be as fast as it was new, data backup is also a  worry of the users. What harasses the users is configuring the computer to work with every software, script or utility, this takes a lots of time and hardly succeed. This operating system will make the people happy who like to spend more time on internet