Effects of IP Change in Search Engine Rankings.

By | July 23, 2009

This is a question that bothers most of the individuals. People do a lot of research on knowing the answer to this question. Changing the IP assigned to a domain is a scenario that almost everyone might have came across. Below is a description of the effects of an IP change.

Actually it depends on some of the different factors. According to observations and studies, changing the IP has very little impact on the Search Engine rankings. The rankings are seen to marginally decrease, but with a consistent effort, those rankings can be regained in a very short interval of time. With the fast changing search engines ranking algorithm, soon such changes can be neglected by them.

But, prior to changing the IP address of a domain or website, you must follow a check list as stated below:

A) You should make sure that the IP provided by the webhost isn’t the one that has been banned by the search engines. Most of the time it happens that, ex-users of the server, involve in spamming and then discontinue their services from the web hosting service provider, it might be possible that you end up using such an IP for your domain. Such IP’s cause serious damage to the website, in terms of SEO rankings. Despite taking many efforts on SE ranking, your website would not be indexed by the search engines and all the efforts would go in vain.

B) Search Engine Robot The web host must provide maximum uptime of their server. This is one crucial aspect of SEO, your website should be available all the time over the World Wide Web for the search engine robots and spiders to crawl your website. Hence, you should check the uptime offered by the web hosting provider before you sign-up for a hosting package with them. One way to determine is to check if the web site has been indexed by the search engines, or there are many web based available on the internet that can help you determine if the IP is a banned IP.

C) Make sure that the web hosting providers does not prohibit spiders. Some web hosting providers do this to save the bandwidth consumption. If that is the case then your website would never get indexed by the search engines.

This is especially true for servers who’s IP addresses have been blocked or disregarded by Google. If it is something you are truly worried about, ask your Web host for sample Websites hosted from the same server as the one you will be placed on – then, look and see how these other sites rank in Google.